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List of Valentine week – Complete Information in Detail

List of Valentine week – Complete Information in Detail. Valentine day is the day of love. I felt that it’s don’t have any staring date or ending date becasue if we have understaing between one’s for other than all days are like valentine day. Emotion, feeling, caring is the part of valenties day, All this will last, all days like valentine day.

specially valentine day is not only for couples relationship, its for all relation where love and feeling, takes place. Some group of people, says that lots of negative points for valentine day and always walk out from it. We should try to understand that this is not meaning for young gils and boys or only for love birds, its for all who have love, caring, feelings and emotion for them. May be they will be brother-sister, husband-wife, mom-dad, uncle-aunty, teacher-student, boss-employe etc.

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But some days are special and its more valuable in particular date or paticular time. So valentine day start from 7th february and end on 14th february of every year calender.

First Day of ValentineRose Day7th February
Second Day of ValentinePropose Day8th  February
Third Day of ValentineChocolate Day9th  February
Fourth Day of ValentineTeddy Day10th  February
Fifth Day of ValentinePromise Day11th  February
Sixth Day of ValentineHug Day12th  February
Seventh Day of ValentineKiss Day13th  February
Valentine’s DayHappy Valentines Day14th  February

Rose Day

Rose Day: Rose day is the first day of valentine day, 7th February of every year. We give roses to everyone we love, caring, feeling, emotions etc. We also can say that this is token of feeling and emotions. There are lots of colours in roses. So colour is says lots of things. Specially red roses is the symbol of love and romance, yellow for friendship etc.

Unique way to celebrate valentine’s day

Propose Day

Propose Day : Second day of valentine week is propose day, 8th  February of each year. This day we will say something special to someone special, which we cant say. Lots of love birds express feeling on this day, for to be in a relationship forever and lots of people propose for marriage as well.

Chocolate Day

Chocolate Day : Third day of valentine week is Chocolate day, 9th  February every year. All gives and share chocolate to each other. We gives gift as chocolate to parents, sisters, brothers, friends or some one respectful person for us.

Teddy Day

Teddy Day : Fourth day of valentine week is teddy day, 10th  February of each year. This day, we gift soft teddy as the momentum and express the love and feeling to someone special.

Promise Day

Promise Day : Fifth day of valentine week is promise day, 11th  February of each year. We make promise to each other for many things, like love birds for live long together for ever, some of them for our careers, some of them for any particular things etc.

Hug Day

Hug Day : Sixth day of valentine week is for Hug day, 12th  February of every year. We hug each other and try to show our feeling and love with closely touch. Its reflects that how we hug and we understand lots fo thing by huging of them.

Unique way to celebrate valentine’s day

Kiss Day

Kiss Day : Seventh day of valentine week is Kiss day, 13th  February of each year. Any relation is the name of trust. By kissing someone special shows that we always be with her/his and its comes inside of our feeling and love. Its make more stronger and touchable bonding between them. This moment is so romantic and innocent. We never forget this moment in the life, never, ever.

Happy Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Day : And finally, valentines day come, last day of valentine week. This day all couples spend time together and talk about bright future of life. Other go for outing, resturents, movies and or many other ways, they celebrating happy valentines day.

Hope you get all information about the valentine week, 14th  February of each year. Love is not only for show, its comes from inner side feeling and caring and not visible to any one. If any one understand your inner side feeling and caring – it is your true love. Happy Valentine Day my readers.

New Valentine Day Wishes and Whatsapp Message

Unique way to celebrate valentine’s day

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