• 16-05-2018

The story of how I make money on my home computer

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My name’s Vihaan, and I’m 20 years old. Last week I earned my first million on Bitcoin – from my laptop. To tell you the truth, when I flunked out of college, I never thought I’d ever have this kind of money. All of a sudden I was alone, with no degree and no work...

And now that I have money, I feel completely secure! When I was studying at college, I knew that one of my friends was earning money on the internet, but I thought he was being foolish – I thought that you can’t earning anything without college-level education. At that time, I wanted to get a degree and a job to earn 20,000-30,000 Rs. a month, but that seems pretty funny to me now.

At any rate, I decided to try to earn something, so I asked my friend what he was doing. I started to look for some side work on the freelance exchanges, but I was always turned down. I once translated a huge text from English that I never got paid for. Another time, I spent two weeks doing different tasks and filling in forms, and again didn’t get paid for it. I think you could run into the same problems as well - if you haven’t already!

Everything changed when I found this site and decided to sign up. I started studying the materials available on the site, which I found out was a site dedicated to options trading, including cryptocurrencies. Now I know that it’s IDEAL for beginners, and a great opportunity for anyone who doesn’t have any particular skills. You can work in comfort from wherever you want. All you need to do is get online with your laptop or smartphone.

You need to develop your own trading strategy, then start earning more money. I myself chose Bitcoin, because at the moment it’s the most famous cryprocurrency and the most volatile asset. I started by depositing 100 dollars, and I’d earned 500 dollars by the end of the first week! And this was when I didn’t know what I was doing! I was a complete newbie. I bought a cool car, I rent an apartment in the nice part of town, and I don’t have to live with my parents anymore! Anyway, if you’re still not sure, just sign up and test it out with a demo account, so you don’t have to risk any real money.

At the moment, I’ve got about 30,000 US dollars in my account, which is enough to let me earn 200-500 US dollars a day. My deposit keeps growing, and my profits keep growing alongside it. It took a few months to get up to that amount of money, of course, given that my first deposit was just 100 dollars. If I’d deposited 1,000 dollars then, today I’d have ten times more!

I‘m sure that you can earn as much as I have. The site contains a lot of educational materials that can help you earn your first 500 (or even 1,000) dollars in a week! Good luck!

What do you have to do?

  • First of all, sign up to OlympTrade
  • Create an account
  • Once you have an account, you’ll need a SIMPLE strategy for trading and earning profits on cryptocurrencies. This strategy is simple enough that anyone can understand and use it!
    1. First, choose an asset. As you know, we’re working with Bitcoin.
    2. Our first trade will be for 1 dollar. If we’re successful, then we open a new position and again put down 1 dollar.
    3. We make our first trades. We need to choose UP or DOWN (rise or fall). The first time you do this, it doesn’t matter which you choose. This strategy is 100% effective. So we can just choose anything.
    4. Let’s choose DOWN, for example.
    5. We lost that trade. We need to increase the amount to 3 dollars and choose UP, because he last position was DOWN.
    6. We lose again. We’ll increase the amount to 8 dollars, because we need to make back what we lost. We choose DOWN, because the last position was UP.
    7. Great, we won that one. So we start over again with 1 dollar and choose UP, because the last position was DOWN. I call this strategy “Up and down”.
  • I recommend that you practice on a free demo account, so that you can understand whether this strategy will work for you. The main thing is to give it a go! Click here, to sign up with OlympTrade

Don’t forget!

  1. Keep changing the direction, regardless of whether you’ve won or lost. Keep alternating: DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP, DOWN, UP.
  2. Your first amount should always be 1 dollar. If you lose, you have to increase the amount to 3 dollars. If you lose again, increase the amount to 8 dollars. And if you lose yet again, increase the amount for the last time to 18 dollars. (You usually don’t have to go up to 18 very often - not more than once a month).
  3. So now, if you win, go back to the original amount of 1 dollar and start over again.

So I’m going to finish by showing off a little... This is what I earned over the weekend. Good luck!